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API Documentation - Failure

Response Format

In case of failure, error details will be displayed in json format: the HTTP status, a TXT Werk-internal error code, a short error message and -if available- more error details. Please find here an example for exceeding the daily limit of API calls:

  • {
    • reason: "exceeded request quota",
    • status: 403,
    • code: "403-002",
    • details: "number of allowed requests per day (1000) reached"
  • }

In case of a validation error, the rejected value and the validation error message will be displayed :

  • {
    • reason: "validation failed",
    • status: 422,
    • code: "422-001",
    • fieldErrors: [
      • {
        • rejectedValue: "neofonie.de",
        • details: "Must be a valid HTTP URL.",
        • field: "url"
      • },
      • {
        • rejectedValue: -2,
        • details: "Must have a nonnegative value.",
        • field: "ntags"
      • }
    • ]
  • }

List of error codes

Code HTTP Status Error message Description
400-001 400 request binding error The request was not identified as a valid request.
400-002 400 missing document source parameter The request must include a parameter either 'text' or 'url'.
400-003 400 duplicate document source parameter The request must contain either 'text' or 'url' parameter, not both.
400-004 400 document source url unknown The document has been specified via the 'url' parameter, but the host is not reachable.
400-005 400 missing service parameter The services must be passed as a comma-separated list in the parameter 'services'. The allowed values ​​are listed in the API documentation.
400-006 400 illegal service parameter value In your 'services' parameter list is an unsupported service. Please find the allowed values in the API documentation.
401-001 401 missing api key header The request must contain a valid API Key in the header "X-Api-Key" and match the requesting user.
401-002 401 unknown api key An unkown API Key was passed in the header "X-Api-Key".
401-003 401 missing request signature For the given user, signed requests are mandatory: Please sign the request and pass the signature in the header "X-Signature".
401-004 401 invalid request signature The header "X-Signature" in the request signature does not match the request and the API Secret of the requesting user.
403-001 403 locked api key You are using the "X-Api-Key" header for a locked API Key. One cause could be an expired plan or a manual blocking.
403-002 403 exceeded request quota The number of requests per day according to your chosen plan was exceeded
422-001 422 validation failed At least one of the passed parameters is not valid.
500-001 500 unknown server error An text mining API error has occurred, the request could not be answered.
500-002 500 watt server error An error has occured in the called services, the request could not be answered.